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Wilson Blade Titanium Fused Mini & Touch Tennis Racquet £14.99
Luxilon Original Big Banger FREE DELIVERY £9.99
Luxilon Alu Power 1.25mm FREE DELIVERY £11.50
fab boss Mini Tennis Balls (10 Dozen) £199.99
Luxilon Timo 1.10mm Thinnest String Ever 220 Metre Reel FREE DEL £148.99
Luxilon M2 PLUS 1.30 mm FREE DELIVERY £13.99
Luxilon M2 PRO 1.25 mm 220 Metre Reel FREE DELIVERY £189.99

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Racquet sports you must try this summer

Popular throughout the world, racquet sports offer balance and coordination improvement, plenty of exercise, stress relief and fun moments. Whether you play with your friends, or you wish to enter a national competition, these enjoyable sports can be played inside or outdoor, are easy to learn and require low investment in terms of money and time. Most of them involve two to four players who play with rackets and a ball on a defined playing surface. From tennis, badminton, squash to racquetball, table tennis and more, all demand similar skill. Originated in France, tennis can be played against a single opponent or in teams of two members each. Its objective is to hit the ball on the other side of a net that divides the court in half. You score points if the other participant cannot return it. On rainy days there are indoor courts available.

If you choose badminton for a family day out, grab your gear and stay active. Rules are similar to tennis; the only difference is that the adversaries hit a shuttlecock. If you are more energetic, do not stay at home to watch live sex cams. Pick racquetball or squash to burn calories and de-stress. Widely played in England, racquetball is an indoor sport that resembles squash, but is easier to play; only the court size and gear have distinct sizes. The competitors use a bigger racket and rally a bouncier ball using all the hall’s areas.

Suitable for all ages, table tennis or ping pong is another kind of activity that may seem easy, but if played on a competitive level can be a bit challenging. Used as a pastime in social clubs, the game consists in two to four people that use a paddle to hit a ball back and forth across a net cutting a table in half. Players have to allow one bounce of the ball on their part of the table and then return it. If you fail to do so the opponent wins points.

There are plenty of reasons you should practice sports on a regular basis. From health benefits, weight loss to confidence gain, good communication skills, frequent exercise has a positive impact on everyone’s life. You can improve breathing or heart function and reduce your chances of high blood pressure and other conditions. Physical exertion instills a better perception of body image or self-esteem and it teaches you teamwork. Explore those passions and leave your comfort zone, which might make you discover new talents.

All individuals should avoid a sedentary life-style and must keep their body in good working condition. Parents should encourage their children to start at any age to make sure they build their figure in harmony and balance. It is highly necessary to select a competitive activity that is appropriate for your age, sex and abilities. Keep in mind that for best results you must combine exercise with healthy eating habits in order to develop all the parts of your body. Enjoy your sunny days with family and friends and discover which racquet sport is your favorite.